Meet AVA, your trusted 
counseling assistant

By counselors, for parents and students

AVA, the first and only A.I. counseling assistant for students and families

AVA is an A.I. counseling assistant that can help answer many of the questions students and families ask about the college and career planning process, freeing counselors up for more impactful work, such as critical 1:1 meetings with students. AVA is available to students and families 24/7—even during school breaks!

Developed by CGN with the support of 270 college and career experts and dozens of counselors, AVA covers 110+ timely and relevant topics. AVA has been trained on vetted data to ensure the answers your students and families receive are trusted and accurate.
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Watch the AVA Launch Event from April 3rd

College and career experts and school counselors gathered for a roundtable discussion around today's emerging A.I. technology, as well as to premier the launch of AVA, the first and only counseling assistant vetted and trained by counselors nationwide.

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Expertise matters in A.I.

A.I. is a powerful technology that will impact almost every aspect of our lives. However, it is only useful and impactful when it is trained on critical information that has been vetted by experts. That is why CGN has tapped into our arsenal of over 270 college and career experts—and dozens of counselors—to ensure that AVA provides your students and families with the right information every time. AVA aims to be the Counselor’s trusted partner every step of the way.


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